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At Fiber 101, we are committed to spirited learning, growth, development and fun. We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. We invite you to learn more about Fiber 101 and discover an education built for you. We will do one on one certifications if you have a limited schedule.

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FOA approved school #368, Fiber 101 has been providing students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Our unparalleled teaching methods help to launch students into the successful future they have always dreamed of. We always encourage both staff and students to grow, learn and create each passing day.


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To All FOA FIBER 101 past and future students :

The coronavirus has meant many of us are not traveling and many of our meetings and conferences have been cancelled. Here at FIBER 101 we've already had discussions with several of our schools about cancellations for classes affecting them.

You have probably heard that many colleges and universities, even some high schools, are switching students to online courses while classes are shut down.

FIBER 101 has already contacted The FOA regarding using online tools to conduct remote classes now with hands-on labs postponed until we return to some semblance of normalcy. There are several ways this can be done using FOA's free online training site Fiber U (

Here is how FIBER 101 is presenting the CFOT and other classes using what is called "blended learning."

We are signing up students for classes as usual, then sending them an assignment to complete the Fiber U Basic Fiber Optics ( and get their Fiber U Certificate of Completion when finished.

We will then set a date for the in-person class where we review the Fiber U topics, spend most of the time in hands-on labs and administer the FOA CFOT exam at the end.

FIBER 101 can be involved during the Fiber U online part by giving the students our email to send questions that arise on the Fiber U material. We can even do webinars or teleconferences with students.

Contact us if you are interested. <>

Thank you from the FIBER 101 Team

Stay safe and Stay Healthy

January 2021

Meet the Staff

Our next FOA Certified Fiber Optic courses will be the 2nd week in January, 2021. Please see "What's Coming Up" for an update on our corona virus Class schedule.

Dates: Classes are in October

Must be CFOT or CPCT certified before taking this course.

All About Fiber

Special 5 day class for CFOS/OSP or CFOS/T certifications.  Anyone interested in attending please drop us an email at

January, 2021

January Happenings

Our January  FOA course schedule. Place Port St Lucie, Fl or your location for groups of 4 or more. Contact us for more information.

We also offer these other certifications like CPCT (for premise cabling) and Specialist Certifications like CFOS/T (for Testing) , CFOS/O(Outside Plant) and CFOS/D for Design


Justin C.

"Just want to thank you for the class, I have already gotten 2 different interviews.  Once again, can’t thank you enough for your insight and support."


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